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Responsible gambling

Please be aware that any kind of online gambling has a potential of developing an uncontrollable addiction.

In order to play responsibly we will show the signs when it is acceptable to continue playing, and when it is the time to stop.

Responsible gaming is social gambling. Social gamblers are participating in any kind of gambling activities in a responsible manner without affecting any aspect of their life.

Responsible Gaming Is:

  • An entertaining form of recreation.
  • Playing with excessive entertainment funds.
  • Having an ability to know your limits with regard to time and money.
  • Being able to temporarily of permanently stop if the player feels concerned about himself in the gaming behavior.

Responsible Gaming Is Not:

  • Gambling with borrowed money or the money that was supposed to be used elsewhere.
  • The cause of personal or financial problems.
  • Supposed to take over personal relationships.
  • A way to escape reality.
  • A means to resolve a financial crisis.
  • An obsession.

In other words, responsible gamblers participate in many other kind of recreation and social events other than gambling.

If you feel that you are having any negative or irresponsible feelings about your gaming behavior, we strongly recommend to give it a temporary or permanent break.

If you fall under the classification of irresponsible gambler, it can have numerous impacts on your life such as development of severe anxiety and depression. If those feeling do not persist for more than two weeks then you may have a chronic depression with the following symptoms:

  • You have lost interest in usual activities.
  • You feel depressed, down in the dumps or irritable.
  • Your sleeping changes (You don't have a proper sleeping schedule anymore and fall asleep randomly or not at all).
  • Your appetite tremendously decreases or increases. Results in weight loss or gain.
  • You feel helpless and despaired.
  • Your cognitive functions and memory decreases.
  • You never cease to think about problems, and you have constant feeling of guilt.
  • You have lost interest in sex.
  • You feel physically exhausted.
  • You have random mood swings between anger and sadness.
  • You have suicidal thoughts.

Gambling people statistically have higher suicide rates which similarly affects their families. With severe depression all kind of mental illnesses develop, leading to higher amount of suicidal thoughts.

If you found yourself feeling suicidal or are making plans to end your life, get help right away.

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